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  1. Dan Stramer

    HI Dimas, thanks for this great post.
    I have a question: can links that are in the sidebar target to show/hide specific divs which are wrapped with the [peekaboo] tags in a different post?

    To clarify: I would like to have a post that i can edit and links in the sidebar will float a specific div in that post over the contents of the page.


  2. Dan Stramer

    Thanks alot,
    I’ll give it a try


  3. Jim

    Great plugin. It was just what I was looking for to help un-clutter my sites home page.

  4. Lori Corbett

    Hi Dimas,
    GREAT PLUGIN…just what i was looking for – an easy way for my client to break up his long content!

    I do have one question, though. I want to add a link to the END of the expanded content that will allow the user to collapse it again. As it works now, the user has to scroll back to the top in order to collapse the content. Is there a way to do this with shortcode?

    Thanks gain for a great plugin! 5 stars from me

  5. Jim

    I just tried putting the link shortcode within the content shortcode and it worked.

  6. Lori Corbett

    Hi Jim,
    Hmmmm….maybe I had a typo somewhere…I’ll check again.

  7. Jeremy Blake

    Dude this is awesome! Going to try it out one of these days when I have the time/patience to follow this guide.

  8. Jeremy Blake

    Forgot to mention that I like how the new blog design looks. You can delete this comment if ya want.

  9. Blepot.Com

    Nice plugin.

  10. Jim

    After upgrading to WP 3.0, my peekaboo link does not show the div that I hid. I get:
    Error: console is not defined
    Source File: http://sustainabledelco.org/wp-content/plugins/peekaboo/assets/global.js?ver=0.2
    Line: 47
    Any glue what’s happening?
    Thank you.

  11. Jim

    Thank you.

  12. jb


    Great Job, Could you explain me why under firefox it s working by not on chrome or safary; even try with IE
    link where it s used :

  13. Marcus

    Great pluging!

    I just noticed the Chome and IE problem today so It’s good to hear that you are looking into the problem

  14. Franck Barfety

    Shortcode works but Admin Settings page is blank. Using WP3.0 & tried Chrome, IE. Reinstalled twice. Shouldn’t that page show settings? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  15. Franck Barfety
  16. jb

    thanks a lot

  17. Kevin

    I’m new to this. What exactly would/could I add in the typical page template (page.php) that would allow me to simply add in a peekaboo type tag in pages, in the same way I’d use the or trick for posts? I’ve had no luck making these work for wp pages, although the peekaboo plugin is a nice workaround.

  18. sumit jain

    hey dimas,
    i am trying the plugin on my personal pc using xampp / wordpress 3.0.
    after the installation and on clicking the settings link, i am getting the following warnings:-
    Warning: include_once(C:/xampp/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/peekaboo/assets/menu.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\peekaboo\peekaboo.php on line 103

    Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘C:/xampp/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/peekaboo/assets/menu.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;C:\xampp\php\PEAR’) in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\peekaboo\peekaboo.php on line 103

    pls help,

  19. FirePips

    Great plugin mate. I was looking for something like this for long time.

    I’ve a quick question. How can I use another Shotcode under Shortcodes of your Plugin?

    I use another plugin “Table Reloaded” which enables me to place tables using [table id=1 /] shortcode. When I place this code inside your shortcode it just shows the text “[table id=4 /]” and not the actual table.

    Is there a workaround? Any help is highly appreciated.


  20. FirePips

    Works Great !!!

    Thanks a lot Dimas…really appreciate your help mate

  21. sumit jain

    still having the same problem!

  22. Craig


    I can’t seem to get the plugin to work properly on my site: http://www.craigstokes.com/about-craig-stokes/

    Any idea why it might not be toggling for me?


  23. Ted


    Is it possible to attach the shortcode to an image instead of the text link? i would like the hidden content to appear once the visitor has clicked on a graphic. Thanks very much,


  24. malik

    sorry, i’m not an expert but not exactly a newbie either. i have installed the plugin manually but, when going to “settings”, get the error message:

    Warning: include_once(/is/htdocs/wp1129336_ADJGEB0KU4/www/html//wp-content/plugins/peekaboo/assets/menu.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /is/htdocs/wp1129336_ADJGEB0KU4/www/html/blogs/mediacircus/wp-content/plugins/peekaboo/peekaboo.php on line 103

    in the ftp dir all files are present.
    what am i missing?

    thanks in advance

  25. malik

    thanks Dimas,
    works fine now.


  26. malik

    hi again,
    i spent quite some time with trying to define some css for the “show” and “hide” text within a post (because they are a p break under the block which is to low for me). it worked well for the “content” which i set to -22px to make it fit but i cannot get to hide&show. pl take a look at http://maki-design.com/blogs/mediacircus/ and you’ll see what i mean.
    help is very much appreciated, the more so because, again, this seems to be quite basic.

  27. malik

    yeah, sure. i don’t want you to do my homework though. so thanks.
    the spacing between the “continue reading” as well as the “close” text and the “content” block is too wide because it is obviously a “” break. now, a line break “” would already be better; but best would be if i could control the margin with css (which i did for the “content”, in this case ‘margin-top=”-22px”‘, which pulls the gap half ways up the p break).
    hm, was that clear? if you look at the site, you see that “continue” and “close” are falling into the footer. yes i could move the footer away in the css but then the “cont” and “close” would still be too far from the “content” (so much for the visual explanation ;).

  28. malik

    help, the inside of ” ” got lost: the 1st filling is a “p” paragraph” break the 2nd a “br” line break.
    oh my …

  29. SiteSubscribe

    Looks like a great plugin. Will give it a try. I’ve been using ‘hackadelic-sliding-notes’, but I may replace some of that usage with peekaboo when I get a chance to clean things up.

    Thanks for all the great options.


  30. malik

    what works so fine with “[peekaboo][peekaboo_content] CONTENT [/peekaboo_content]” does not work with multiple posts on one page without opening _all_ content in _all_ posts.
    i cannot get it working in the very same way for different posts independently.
    using the “name” param or any other given possiblity leaves the show (link)text in the textblock and does not set the hide (link)text at the end of the content. am i missing something?

  31. marcia

    Thanks so much, Dimas, for the plugin. I’ve been searching a long time for a show/hide toggle that actually works for me. I haven’t yet deployed this on any site (just an experimental hidden page) so far, but I have a question. When I tried it, it showed the links as [+ show][- hide] which is certainly clear. But is there any chance of changing the wording, e.g. “click here to see more”? I notice that malik has done this so that his trigger wording is “Continue Reading” and ” Close.” How is this done? I’m not one for getting my hands too dirty in code (lest I mess things up).

    Thanks again.

  32. malik

    do you see the possibility to insert a line of code which would bring the content back to where it opened after closing it from the end. because, when the content text is long, you end up somewhere in the page — and a way below article — and then have to arduously find your way back.

  33. joel

    Not sure if this question has been raised before, but how can this plugin be used multiple times on the same page? I have five different tour programs on offer, and would like to expand/collapse them one at a time. I have successfully set up the first item and found it working perfectly, but if I attempt to deploy a second instance, the page simply renders blank.


  34. Dave Tollefsen

    I’m following up on the question from Nov 13th – is there a way, if there are multiple instances on the same page, to have the visible instance hide when another is selected. Right now I have them stacked so when a user selects different instances, they just make the page taller with all visible content, but the user has to manually make an older selection hide.

  35. Dave Tollefsen

    Any luck?

  36. daturna

    hi, really nice plugin, works great!
    Is there a possibility to show the content to users which have java-script disabled or no js support?

  37. Dave

    Hey Dimas, thanks for following up!! OMG – works great -you totally ROCK!!!

  38. dan

    Hello Dimas,
    Thanks again for this great plug in!
    I have a question:
    I want to use the plugin to show/hide images when clicking on a thumbnail of that same image.
    i have it all set up correctly. the problem is that when the big image is shown it’s thumbnail gets hidden. I would like the thumbnail to still show up. I have 4 images and only 3 thumbnails show up (the missing thumbnail is the one corresponding to the large image)
    Since the page is not live yet, I have added this link which demonstrates the current status:
    Thanks for the help,


  39. JAG

    I’m trying to get this working in a table using the html method and assigning the class to the tag like so:

    [+ Expand]
    [- Collapse]

    Content Rows

    It collapses / hides the “Content Rows” but will not expand. Any ideas or work arounds?


  40. JAG

    Got it working.. not sure how. Thanks for developing and maintaining this plugin.

  41. Dan Stramer

    Hello Dimas,
    Just wanted to ask if you had the time to take a look at my question (2 comments up)
    The site is now on air so you could look at the behaviour.
    The relevant page is this:

    Thanks again

  42. Dan Stramer

    Hi Dimas,
    Thanks a lot, I implemented your example on the website and it works!
    changed the class to peekaboo_onshow and removed the span.


  43. david.tollefsen

    Have you encountered conflicts with the plugin? I really like the plugin and appreciate the mod you did to hide/show all. The problem I’m running into is it conflicts with WPaudio. The plugin will play the audio but when I have Peekaboo activated, I lose the load bar and formatting collapses. As soon as I deactivate Peekaboo, all is good again. It conflicted with another media plugin but I’m not worried about that one right now. Any suggestions?

  44. David Tollefsen

    Actually, the other plugin is just fubar in our system – I deactivated more elements and it doesn’t work. It may be a complete coincidence with WPAudio and Peekaboo but that one, I disable Peekaboo and it works and enable it and it doesn’t -but not the whole functionality, just the CSS elements that display the load bar -which also places the Download link when it’s not visible.

  45. malik

    hi Dimas, could it be that there are limitations to the amount of peekaboo actions used on one page? i have something like 70 items to open on a single page but after 36 WP doesn’t show the content anymore (sidebars are there).
    i tried everything, copying the upper part of the list and the lower, with and without pictures, but after 36 the content doesn’t show. tried on 2 different installations of WP 304 on different servers.

  46. malik

    it is a div problem. the header-line is a mixed text of which the 1st part is the peekaboo link (film title) and the 2nd just add. text (series). here is the line of code:
    div class=”head-odd”>[peekaboo_link name="t28"]Sea of Tears[/peekaboo_link] (Under Suspicion) /div
    the head class writes a colored background (100% of the line–not only the text–that’s why it needs to be a div)
    again the problem: after a particular number of actions WP doesn’t put out the content.
    any suggestions (even a hunch?)

  47. Kathy

    What file do I open to modify the styles ?
    I can’t find a css file.

  48. malik

    i suspect you have a new job, so no worries about the delay.
    yes, the issues remain in place. but i just went on with what the circumstances offer …
    but thanks for asking.

  49. Dan Lurie

    I’m wondering if Dimas has any thoughts on how one might go about tracking user clicks of Peekaboo links. I’d love to be able to track when a user clicks on a particular peekaboo.

  50. Michael

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    But I’m having trouble adding more content to peekaboo action, similar problem as user “malik”. Is there a limitation on how many times the action being used? I only called up the action for 10 – 15 times. Or is there a limitation for peekaboo to handle the volume of the content?

    Here is the link of the page: http://entechconsultants.com/wordpress/services/

    That’s how much content I can added, whenever I added more content, WP will load a blank page.

    Also, every first line of the peekaboo action will add an extra space in-between the first 2 lines. If I add another peekaboo action like, “Click to show all”, it become normal again. Look at the 2 sections, the bottom section without adding another peekaboo action, the line spaces in-between the first 2 line are totally off. Any suggestion??

  51. malik

    i know your pain. there is nothing i found to do away with the limitation of the number of pb actions. maybe this is a WP security issue.
    conc. the extra space in the 1st pb action, yes i have had the same problem — but i don’t rem how i finally solved it because i was tricking around for too long.
    what i can tell you is this: you have to be very careful with where exactly the peekaboo code tags are in you html (right before/behind, right in between one line and the next, prev./next line, etc.), plus, if the tags were really written correctly by WP (check for correct code opening and closing e.g.). don’t trust the wysiwyg editor in WP. go to the html.
    if you finally come to a consistant spacing of all your pb actions and content, adjust the spacing with peekaboo_content, peekaboo_onshow and/or peekaboo_onhide css values, like, override the paragraphs that are created by pb with plus or minus margin values (which would be your line-height e.g.).
    it’s a little bit of pain but you can find a workaround, maybe not exactly what you wanted (like it was for me), but close enough.

  52. Michael

    Thanks malik. Thanks for the tips, sound like we are on the same rocky boat. I never use the wysiwyg, I don’t trust it too. I’ve found a way to work around with the limitation so far. I don’t use the shortcodes, instead I used the html codes (class, div). So far I can fit in all the content without any problem. My client don’t want the “show all/hide all” before the content, and they don’t mind the extra spaces. That’s great.

    malik, if you rem the trick to deal with the 1st pb, please pm me @ (wongmichael @ shaw dot ca). it’ll be handy to know how. I really like the plugin and will use it again. Thanks in advanced.

  53. Franziska

    hi dimas,
    thanks a lot for this plugin! It’s what i needed for creating a little gallery and beeing able to switch to text. Just having problems with the margin/padding, the big images are about 10 px down and the thumbnails start to jump to the right, when you click through:zentrale.cc/probeseite. I told every class of the peekaboo-divs and links: margin and padding:0px.
    Do you have any idea why this happens? Thanks in advance!

  54. Kirk


    A question and an accolade:

    First, this plug-in is awesome, it is so user friendly (i’m not a designer or techie at all). thank you so much for creating and sharing it. I wish I would have found it sooner, I spent a couple hours looking for a plug-in that would “collapse” text . . . there are two other similar ones that use a form of the word collapse but neither of them work as well or as easily as yours . . . I stumbled on yours by accident as I was getting ready to give up at 1:00 in the morning.

    Question, for some reason, I can get 9 peakaboos to work on one page but not 10, I’ve tried isolating the issue by changing names, moving the 10th one to a different position but no matter what, when I put a 10th peakaboo on the page regardless of name / content / position / etc… it takes the whole page and turns the Title into one big peakaboo and shows/hides all or none of the text on the page.

    Do you have any ideas? I would love your help.


  55. Kirk

    Also, is there a way to adjust the spacing before / after each peakaboo? It’s adding ALOT of extra space on each one.


  56. Kirk

    scratch my first question, I’m sure you are all aware of how much I am not a techie by now . . . I was just playing around with it and figured I didn’t have enough space between one of the sections . . . when I put the peakaboos too close together, they lock up the page but when I space them out with a new line, they work, all 10 of them.

    Still can’t figure out how to reduce the display page to have an even and lesser amount of space between each heading. If you have any ideas, would love to hear them.

    Thanks again.

  57. prim

    I don’t understand why i can’t use this plugin 🙁

  58. martin


    I have a contact form used as the hidden content which works well. The problem I have is that I need to keep the hidden content on show once the form has been submitted and the page refreshes so that any form errors can be seen on the page. Hope you can help. Great plugin so thanks!

  59. Sam Ingersoll

    Hi, Terrific plugin!

    but….when I put the shortcode around my text it no longer shows in the format or body text format that it was in.

    My website address links to the page i’m working on now.

    Couldn’t the plugin default to the CSS that the site is using?


  60. Wills

    Good plug in, I’m wanting to set the state of the hidden content that they cannot all be closed, basically if all is toggled closed show the start=”visible” content.

    Thank you Wills

  61. Redneckerson

    First and foremost, awesome plugin. I am running into an issue where when the text is shown, it expands and covers the page’s footer. The page doesn’t resize.

  62. Summer L

    This is just what I am wanting but my brain doesn’t seem to comprehend the instructions. I am beginning to think that I am just too old to “get” this stuff!

    I am afraid to get into all the stuff beyond what the pages look like so I usually muddle through with what I have. Do you have an instruction sheet for “Really Dumb” dummies since that is the category I fall into! Any help would be appreciated. I think I am just missing some things but am not sure where to add the stuff in the brackets. I still have no clue how to use most of the stuff on the Blackberry my husband got me, so now you know just how dumb I am! I can re-thread an 8-track tape though! LOL

    I know I probably sound really stupid but I will be the first to admit it!


  63. Krystal

    You rule. Many other show/hide plugins failed miserably in cross browser tests.
    Yours works. You win. Well done.

    I like the additional properties of the tag too. Brilliant.

  64. Summer L

    I did get it working about 20 minutes after I wrote that I was too dumb to make it work! I absolutely love this and is so much easier than trying to make a script work for me. In less than a week I had all my sources posted and got my certification!

    I agree with Krystal, this is awesome!

    Thank you so much!

  65. Debbie

    This is a great little plugin. Can the Peekaboo fields be used with select boxes or radio buttons? If so, is there an example of how the code should look?

  66. Ink

    First of all, Great plugin – really simple to use and works great.
    But, this plugin used to work until I changed to multisite. I see that the shortcodes are translated to html tags properly but I can’t see the javascript include. Can you please advice?

    Thanks in advance,

  67. Michael

    Hey, Im not sure if this is what this plugin does but Ill give you an example.


    Where it says ‘telephone’ you can click and it reveals the number.

    Is this something the plugin could do? because if so we would defiantly be interested in using this for our directory.


  68. Summer L


    Yes it will work for that. Just change the title for what you want. I used my stylesheet to create the division to be how I want it.

  69. Chris

    @Kirk I used the Disable WPAutop Plugin from http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/disable-wpautop/ to disable WP’s default behavior of sticking line breaks everywhere and that took care of the spacing issue. I was beating my head against the wall until I realized that it was a WordPress problem, not a Peekaboo problem. Awesome plugin!

  70. ac

    Hi, is there a way to have the hidden content default to the site’s stylesheet? It’s currently showing the hidden text in what looks like Courier and ignoring style tags. Thanks! Other than that – LOVE the plugin.

  71. JH

    Heya, great plugin but I have one issue with it, as I seem to be having with all other solutions similar to hiding/showing content.

    I have a section of the homepage posts that all say show/hide and the content generated in the hidden divs are unique to each post (I’m using a custom meta box to gather and output the data), so I need the show/hide in my template instead of using a shortcode. My problem is that when I click on one show/hide it opens all the hidden content. Is there some way to generate a unique ID that pertains to each instance?

    I’m currently using the example above of the HTML output.


  72. malik

    goes something like this:
    “Use the name parameter on both the [peekaboo name="foo"] and the [peekaboo_content name="foo"] … [/peekaboo_content] shortcodes. Using the name parameter will link a wrapped content block to a show/hide link.”
    see above or the faq.

  73. Bisam


    I installed this great plugin that I really needed yesterday and I’m almost fully satisfied… but :

    I tried to nest 2 [peekaboo_content] and I saw it didn’t work… the script stopped at the first closing [/peekaboo_content] instead of running to the good one.
    Are you planning to change this behavior, or never had the idea ?

    I think a workaround for me would be to use the html form… but it would be great if you could take a look at this.


  74. Chris

    Is there a way to do the following with your plugin?


    I click on item1 and it displays content1. I click on item2 and it hides content1 and displays content2. I click on item3 it hides content2 and display content3.

  75. Chris

    I figured it out, it is in the settings. It would be great if there was a way to show content based on the url like: page#thiscontent

  76. Fred

    WP 3.1.3, Peekaboo 1,1. Everything loads, but I receive a javascript error “css_class[0] is undefined” in global.js?ver=1.1 line 130.

    Each time I click on the “show all” link the same error pops up, and none of my fields reveal themselves. Suggestions?

  77. Fred

    Found the solution. In your “example” code the first line:

    [peekaboo onshow="Click to hide all" onhide="Click to show all"]

    does not contain a name attribute. Adding one solved the problem.

  78. Sreejesh @techgyo

    Thanks for this plugin, It works well, just like I want

  79. travis

    is there a way to do nested peek-aboo’s? IE

    LINK 1 – displays content
    PRICE LIST – displays four sections of price list that show/hide, too
    LINK 3 – displays content
    LINK 4 – displays content


  80. Mark

    It would be so nice if you can create a setting that replaces the “read more” thing with peekaboo…

  81. Andreas

    Nice plugin!
    I want to change the color of the links (peekaboo_link, peekaboo_onshow, peekaboo_onhide). I know that this are CSS classes but I don’t know where to define them like
    peekaboo_onshow {color: black;}

    Thanks for any help!

  82. Jdev

    Peekaboo isnt working on IE 8 & 7. Please help.

    The site is found here: http://www.bottarolaw.com/

    Check out the RECEIVE HELP YOU DESERVE button.

  83. Jhonson

    Great simple plugin!

    is there anyway to initially display 50% of the content instead of hide 100% completely ?


  84. MickeyRoush

    I love your plugin. But I would like to remove this when viewing source:

    var peekaboo_collapse_all = true;

    I’ve tried adding many different things to my theme’s functions.php file, but none of them seem to work.

    This should work, but it doesn’t. Can you help?

    // Remove Peekaboo “peekaboo_collapse_all” print script except on FAQs page
    function disable_peekabooscript() {
    if (!is_page(‘faqs’) ) {
    remove_action( ‘wp_print_scripts’, ‘do_wp_print_scripts’ );
    add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘disable_peekabooscript’, 1 );

  85. Michael

    Using it another website I’m working on.
    Excellent! Thank you!

  86. calsnoboarder

    I can’t seem to figure out how to prevent all the links from opening up when you have multiple peekaboo links on a page… i see there is a function, but not sure exactly how to use it… is there any explanation on how to go about setting that up?

  87. calsnoboarder

    Just wondering if this plugin is still supported by the developer… If not I’ll need to find another plugin that allows for multiple instances on a page that don’t all open up at once upon show.

  88. Mark

    Yes, you give each peekaboo its own name=””

  89. Mark

    So i mean, peekaboo name=”first”, and then the next one, name=”second”. Of course the names inside the quotes can be arbitrary.

  90. Peter

    I have a problem getting this to work.
    Could you please help me?

    (I just used your example to test)
    Everything works fine in the normal Page view like here:


    But in the actually Layout nothing happens, see:


    Thank you!

  91. technoc

    is there a way to put an embedded video in the content section?

  92. technoc

    well, it seems to work if i paste the code in the html editor outside of the peekaboo-ed sections and then drag the frame into the content area from the visual editor. the trouble now seems to be that sections hidden by default do not load the video, merely a black box :L

  93. bioport

    it doesn’t seem like. he’s been quiet for some time already.
    and yes everybody, the plug-in works fine, just RTFM (which,ok, isn’t very well written–but you will fiddle it out). it embedds video too, because the video has nothing to do with the plugin. the video should be in the content you open with pkb.
    there seems only one limitation and that is the number of openers you can use on one post. that number is somewhere around 40.

  94. Summer


    I don’t know very much about coding and all that stuff, but I did get my peekaboo to work the way I wanted so maybe this will help you.

    I did not find the peekaboo items in the page (from link provided) that is not working so I grabbed the code from the page (from link provided) that is working and inserted into the source code where it should be and it worked in FF.

    I hope you can get it working right for you!

  95. Summer


    Is this what you a wanting?

    I took the embed code for each of the videos and they worked on my test page. I used iframe and a different name for each block.

    I really don’t know much about all this stuff so I hope this is what you are needing and solves your dilemma!

  96. Peter

    ***Could you please assist me with that! ***

    I have a problem getting this to work.
    Could you please help me?

    (I just used your example to test)
    Everything works fine in the normal Page view like here:


    But in the actually Layout nothing happens, see:


    Thank you!

  97. Summer


    Does this help you?

    IMG 1: [peekaboo name="img1" onshow="-" onhide="+"][peekaboo_content name="img1"]

    IMG 2: [peekaboo name="img2" onshow="-" onhide="+"][peekaboo_content name=img2"]

    You can see the different ways I use it at these links:

    http://pain-and-depression.com/Library/?p=3474 and
    ?p=232 and

    I have changed the “+”or “-” to words on the second link “watch”or “close” as you can see.

    You have to name each block a different name and identify that block to open – [peekaboo name="img1"] and [peekaboo_content name="img1"] like I have it set up above which you can copy and paste and change the img sources. Keep in mind that you must identify each image in both of the areas to call it up.


    (I really don’t know a lot about his stuff, so once I figured it out I saved it to notebook and use the same setup just changing the images or information for each post.)

  98. Peter

    OK, i found out that the problem is the AJAX environment of my theme.
    Is there a way to fix this!


  99. Peter


    Thank you very much for your help – but that did not fix the problem.

    I contacted the designer of the theme i am using and he told me the problem might be the ajax loader my theme works with.

    If you look at my links of the first page the peekaboo item is the little (+) below the images in both cases.
    the first link is a standard wordpress project view and it works, the second is the embedded ajax content loader and it won’t do anything.

    here the links again


    maybe someone with a little experience in ajax coding can help me!

    thank you

  100. eric

    Having an issue. not sure if this is possible. I want this

    See more1
    See more1.1

    See more1.2

    I have try to write this with names and everything but it seems that See more 1 is picking up the end of see more 1.1

  101. Summer


    Is this what you want? I just nested the code.

    See More and more …

    If so, I will send what’s behind the scenes!

    It’s really pretty easy as long as you make the peekaboo name (=more) the same as the peekaboo_content name (=more)


    peekaboo name (=more2) the same as the peekaboo_content name (=more2)

  102. eric

    I have worked around it but i still like the idea of doing this. I think we are both on the same page.
    Like I explained. I want to have a category inside another category. Doing a section of stuff for sale. This is what it looks like

    i. Elite Series
    ii. Security Series
    B. Blah Blah Blah

    I can get the A and B section to work no problem. But when i try to make the i and ii section, they seem to take the properties of the A section.

  103. Valerio

    I wanted to know if you can replace the word “Click to shoe / click to hide” an address to an image.
    Then use OnShow = “http://www…..com/img.jpg”
    I tried using custom fields to WordPress by inserting a value of “peekaboo_onhide_text,” the address of the image.
    But the problem that we have to insert a page 3!

    Sorry if my English is not perfect, but I hope that everything is clear! 🙂

  104. erink

    Not sure if this question has been brought up, but is there a way to link from an outside page to a page including the peekaboo code and have an item displayed open (onshow)?

  105. irfan

    How to use Google Docs Embed With Peekaboo

    [gview file=”http://www.free-bucket.com/imranseries/Ibn-e-Saffi/001%20Khofnak%20Imarat.pdf”]

    PLease Help me for this issue


  106. irfan

    please tell how can i use Peekaboo with google doc embeder

    [gview file=”http://www.free-bucket.com/imranseries/Ibn-e-Saffi/001%20Khofnak%20Imarat.pdf”]
    Please help me about this problem

  107. DW

    I’m trying to use this plugin to display varied content on a page. I want to display one div or section of a page upon a navigation link click. I want to mimmic a new page, but with the same header and a slider that remains constant. I’ve got the following code to work on my site as a test (see code below). I have “collapse all other content…” set to “yes” so only one div or section displays at a time.

    What I’d like to do is somehow hook this functionality up with my navigation on another part of the page so when one uses the navigation links it changes the content of the page. Ideally, I’d like to use images for that navigation.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    [peekaboo name="top" onhide="link to top" start="visible"]
    [peekaboo_content name="top" start="visible"]
    content of top section

    [peekaboo name="middle" onhide="link to middle" start="hidden"]
    [peekaboo_content name="middle"]
    content of middle section

    [peekaboo name="bottom" onhide="link to bottom" start="hidden"]
    [peekaboo_content name="bottom"]
    content of bottom section