22 responses to “WordPress Migration”

  1. kamal

    Thanks a lot for all those informations.
    And thanks for all other posts who help us a lot.

  2. Bob

    Very handy, I just updated my blog. Many thanks 🙂

  3. yanti

    hi ….
    I’m still confused wordpress problems, whether in wordpress we can make the search process itself, such as making the search process cost?
    pls helpme …

  4. Joren Rapini

    Hello Dimas, we have a bit of an issue with migrating your WP Alchemy class. We started using it on a few websites, and it works brilliantly, however when we moved the website to another server, none of the WP alchemy data showed up in the new metaboxes on the new server, even though all we did was export/import database from phpmyadmin and then find/replace all the fields for the right domain, and then upload the files via FTP.

    As soon as we pull a page up, all of the wp alchemy boxes are blank, even though we can compare databases on both servers and the wp_postmeta fields are all exactly the same. Is there anything we can do without having to re-enter in all the data? Thanks. And thanks for the awesome wordpress php class.

  5. Ma'moun

    I think this is not applicable when using EXTRACT mode, right Dimas?

  6. Joren Rapini

    Dimas, thanks for your reply about exporting/importing WP Alchemy data. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that! Thanks, it’s not perfect but we at least know what to look out for.

  7. Matt


    Do you have any solution yet to the problem of the custom meta data not showing when migrating a site to another server? Is there anything I can do to rescue the situation?

    Unfortunately the problem has happened to me and I’m going to have to go through hundreds of articles re-adding the custom meta data again.

  8. Stewart Duffy

    Hi all,

    I have had a similar problem execpt it effected all the sidebar widgets which is also stored in a serialised-array.

    I believe this maybe the solution to your problem – http://interconnectit.com/124/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/

    I have had mixed results with it, but on the whole it seems to work sweet, keeping my widgets intact. This should be the case for the meta class too.

  9. Kevin Leary

    I can vouch for the interconnectit.com script working. I use it to preserve sidebar widget and other WP options during a migration from localhost development to staging.

  10. zignorp

    Hey Dimas,
    I just switched my site, tried to switch from dev.xxx.org to http://www.xxx.org, but my server didn’t like that (bluehost) so I did the replace with the shorter domain name and am testing, everything seems fine, all my metabox data is preserved, and there’s lots of it. (I didn’t store the domain there). Is there a danger of things getting corrupted later?

  11. Pete Saia

    Here is a client side HTML5 solution which makes the database conversion instantly.


  12. Lincoln Lemos


    I have domain data on my post meta…
    I do all steps, but still not working.

    I generate the code on http://farinspace.github.com/wp-migrate-gen/?oh=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8888%2Fmonet&nh=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.monetporcelanatos.com.br%2Fv1&ss=1&dp=1&sp=&s=Submit

    I run the code on my sql, later this i use the plugin search and replace for change the domain names…

    Later then i use the plugin, all meta post data it’s gone.

  13. Lincoln Lemos
  14. Fournier


    I watched your very interesting video and would like to use the tool you present.
    I am not very used to that sort of things so I would like to be sure of something as I don’t see any manual and I apologize if my question looks stupid.

    Should I place the index.html file onto the root of my sever before running it ?

  15. Steven Cook

    FYI, on my site the HTML5 ( http://petesaia.github.com/Peach/ ) solution didn’t find all my serialized data lengths but Stewart’s solution worked like a charm: