9 responses to “WordPress Downloader”

  1. Teddy

    Downloaded it, tried it. Sounds great, but I got an error when it tried to unzip the file. I didn’t have time to try and solve it right now, but it’s not all that surprising that I’d run into a permissions problem I guess 🙂

  2. bisri

    Great idea Teddy :), it is so useful for me, because my hosting not using cpanel, by using this It saves my time. Thanks …. 🙂

  3. Lane

    Dimas, you are the cleverest, devilist programmer. Used it three times today. no problems. Perhaps you could add an option to download a few “essential” plugins or popular frameworks.

  4. Chris

    Hey Dimas – I know your all about keeping things super simple and light but given the objective of this code might I suggest a few quick elements which I feel nearly everyone who would use it also have to preform. I believe all my suggestions allow for the greatest degree of flexibility for the developer. They are as follows:

    1) Allow for the ability to automatically remove (or more preferably to block) the default wordpress database entries which are created. I am speaking of the default about page, the links, the default post, and the renaming of the default link category.
    2) Simply allow for your own default entries to be inserted (if you want) based off an export file or other file so the import is auto-initiated upon install. (I believe there are existing plugins which might do this for MU sites and others based off files this could be based on).
    3) Allow you to define what you want the wp-content & plugin folder to be called.
    4) Allow you to define the location of some default code which should be added to the wp-config file. Same for the .htaccess file if possible.
    5) Possibly allow you to define the location of theme zip file which should automatically be extracted to the theme directory and activated possibly replacing or deleting the default one that comes with WP.
    6) Ability to add a media folder into a certain location & define the path location into the database.
    7) Ability to add/update any default settings you would normally have to modify manually such as permalinks, public availability, reading/writing settings… ect.
    8) Hopefully the ability to set the permission levels for specific files/folders.
    9) This last one is probably more difficult but if a plugin.zip file could automatically be extracted and plugins activated it would be very cool but given the interaction/errors some plugins require it probably would lead to more issues.

    In the situations I deal with I believe these elements would essentially turn your code into a real timesaver while ensuring consistency.

    Just my 2cents

  5. Jared

    Just wanted to say great script. I built on it to make a similar script, wp-prep (https://github.com/jaredatch/wp-prep).

    Thanks again 🙂

  6. dev

    looks great work but stuck with permission err !
    can u please look after the code as I couldn’t upload theme file from my local PC also in dashboard

  7. Collins Agbonghama

    Many years later, this script is still a part of my WP arsenal.