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    Thanks for sharing with us

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    all the props – you have save me a great deal of time

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    it was very help full

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  6. huge

    thanks a mil. the cities_extended doesnt have a key primary field.. if people need this (should really) here is the code to add it in phpmyadmin etc.
    ALTER TABLE cities_extended AUTO_INCREMENT = 0;

  7. Santosh Maurya

    Thanks for your kind help…. its really very useful and usable….:)

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  19. jer

    how would i go about importing this into a wordpress database in order to use it like a directory? thanks.

  20. overclucker

    Thank you very much! Data like this is so tedious to collect and insert. You should consider creating a repository for this.

    phpmyadmin is probably the tool you are looking for.

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  22. Jang Hedel

    I used your SQL for my web site: Distance calculator and I have to say thank you for sharing this.

    Very handy sql data to use in projects, thanks again!

  23. Marc

    Thanks a million. This is the only listing of US cities in a downloadable file I found, period. -Marc

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    Thx a lot! I’ll be using it for my website. It’s very usefull!

    And yes, cities_extended should have ID key or something 😉

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    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Its gonna make life designing sites that need a state and city search much quicker to set up the database.. cheers!

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    this is really useful,
    but how can i get such resource (Cities and State SQL Dump) for every other country.