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  1. Rio

    how to echo this to my theme function?

  2. Christopher B

    Elegant code and works properly on page or posts, but no luck with Custom Post Types in WP 3.0. Changed foreach (array('post','page') as $type) to foreach (array('feature') as $type) . Then the metaboxes only showed up on that custom post type which is great. But when I enter in the fields text, after clicking save it does not save. Changed if ($_POST['post_type'] == 'page') to if ($_POST['post_type'] == 'feature') as but still no luck. Also tried adding: // check autosave
    if (defined('DOING_AUTOSAVE') && DOING_AUTOSAVE) {
    return $post_id;
    but still no luck.

    Desperately trying to figure this out before tomorrow morning, but will stay up all night til I get it. Thanks in advance!


  3. Christopher

    Tried installing on the latest version of WP 3.0. Works for Posts but doesn’t seem for custom post types. Changed ==page to == the name of my custom post type. Have it set to only show the boxes on that post type, and everything appears to work but when you enter in data it does not save. Tried adding do not autosave as this article recommends but still no luck. Any ideas anyone? http://osdir.com/ml/wp-testers/2010-03/msg00205.html

  4. Tom


    I have everything set up looking perfect in the add page section of the site, but how do I get the value to show up in my template?

    I’m trying: echo get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘_my_meta’ true);

    Which echo’s “Array” in my template.

    Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

  5. Tom

    Perfect, thanks a lot man!

  6. Luke

    I’m trying to get the meta data to display and right now it is showing nothing. Data saves and updats in post. When I print_r the results, I get a 1. Any idea what I might be dong wrong.

    $arr = get_post_meta($post->ID,'_my_meta',TRUE);
    echo $arr['link'];

    By the way, does it make a difference if I have set up a custom post type (events).

  7. Luke


    Thanks for the reply. I did get this working using WP 3.0 Beta 1 (current version of nightly build). I checked the DB for _my_meta and it was there along with checking the post_ID being correct.

    I ended up having to call the global $post;. So in the events template:

    global $post;
    $arr = get_post_meta($post->ID,'_my_meta',TRUE);
    echo $arr['link'];
    echo $arr['description'];

    Thanks again for the reply. This is by far the cleanest, organized and easiest way I’ve found to accomplish this. I’ve had luck with other methods but again, this is much more friendly way of doing it. Great post!

  8. Luke

    (I hope this doesn’t submit a numerous amount of times, it didn’t appear to show up initially.)


    I’m not sure if you have used Gravity Forms (www.gravityforms.com) before or not. It is the best thing out there for forms and even lets you create a post by submitting the form info into custom posts. I have this working with the exception of it posting the custom fields into the “User Friendly” way you’ve provided in this post. I wanted to pick your brain to see what you might suggest as to what the custom field value may be (4 screenshots below to help)

    Gravity Form Setup – This allows the post to submit a custom field. What would I set the custom field value as?

    Form Preview – You can see the fields and the values being set.

    It’s been added to “Events” – After submitting, it shows it posted to the Events Custom Posts.

    Custom Fields View – This shows the custom fields being set as shown, although not in the “User Friendly” area you’ve demonstrated here.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have. I really appreciate it!

  9. donalyza

    Hi! Is there a way to show customized meta-boxes UI on each category?

    For instance.

    Category 1
    custom_field 1
    custom_field 2
    Category 2
    custom_field 1
    custom_field 3

  10. donalyza

    Thank you! I was able to make it to work. You just made my day. πŸ™‚

  11. Christopher Beckwith


    Thank you for the reply. Actually, still experiencing the problem. When I follow your instructions for custom meta boxes on WP 3.0 for the normal post type, works perfectly. When I use it for a custom post type I created, all the boxes show up however when I enter in information into a metabox and click save, the content in those boxes disappear. I can post some code, but first is their anything off the top of your head that might cause this, that I should for first? Thanks Dimas!

  12. Christopher Beckwith

    Thanks for the update. I updated to your new code, but it still does allow me to save in the boxes unfortunately. Also with the new code, now when I try to save in a normal post that does not work either. Where is before that did work, and it only didn’t work in custom post types. I have you functions.php code at the end of my own functions file for the site. I pasted the part of the file that relates to the issue: http://pastie.org/949123 If you get a chance maybe you can see where I’m going wrong, or point me in the right direction. To note, on this line foreach (array(‘post’,’work’,’page’) as $type) I only left post and page for testing, but I will ultimetly only wanting the metaboxes to show on the work post type. So foreach (array(‘work’) as $type) Thank you!

  13. Christopher Beckwith

    Actually, now I’m thinking maybe the problem is in my meta.php file. I created names for each field but now sure if I did it properly. http://pastie.org/949140

  14. Christopher Beckwith

    I think I’m definitely over quota on posts here today. But I noticed in the meta.php file I uploaded, I misspelled ‘url’ as ‘u’. Fixed that but still no luck. And tried you meta.php unchanged and still no luck on saving. Thanks again in advance. I’ll keep trying different things here to see if anything works. So close!

  15. Christopher Beckwith

    It’s good to know it’s working for you at least as the problem must lie else where in my code. (where I haven’t been looking!).

    I had fixed the typo prior but no luck. check1,check2,check3 all where echoed as well as the rest of the code. http://pastie.org/949220

    The last line however said Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /dev/wp-content/themes/mytheme/epanel/custom_functions.php:465) in /dev/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 887

    To note: 465 is echo “check-1” the start of the function my_meta_save

    Does this mean I am using that same function name somewhere else? Your debugging tip certainly is pushing me in the right direction.


  16. Christopher Beckwith

    Now this is odd, so I tried changing the function name: my_meta_save to my_meta_saves in both locations. And it worked! Then I tried putting them both back to my_meta_save and it still works. Even after emptying my cache several times. I have no idea if using the debug script once, or changing the function name once somehow refreshed something or what. So strange, but looks like I’m good now. Thank you for sticking it out with me. If I can figure out exactly what fixed the issue I’ll be sure to post for other readers.

  17. Christopher Beckwith

    Now that I have been able to save meta box data successfully due to the dedicated help of Dimas I needed to figure out how to display the inputs in the template. The code above by Luke worked perfectly in WP 3.0b2. Everything is finally working as it should.

  18. Luke


    Thanks for the reply and advise.

    What you said makes perfect sense of why I wouldn’t be able to set valued pairs. Also, as you mentioned, the setup other ways is very cumbersome. Since then, I’ve managed to build a pretty nice Events Custom Post page (thanks to your code) to replace using Gravity Forms. Still use GForms in many other ways.

    I appreciate your willingness to offer up your old sample code.

  19. Christopher Beckwith

    The problem seems to be back. That is I was adding several new posts in my custom post type each were letting me save to the new meta boxes, then all of the sudden the next one I created it stopped working. Didn’t change any code. Tried emptying browser cache, restarting etc. It’s so odd. I will try running your debug script above even though that technically shouldn’t fix it, but did last time some how. Very odd.

  20. Christopher Beckwith

    Figured out the issue. When I create a new post it works, I was editing posts I had already created prior to whatever change I made to the code that resolved it. (maybe the misspelling of the “url”. Thanks again!

  21. Luke


    What would be a good way to add multiple meta boxes (e.g. Required Info, Optional Info)?

    I’ve done this with your script by adding a second custom.php called custom2.php. It’s the same script I just had to change some function names and nonce name (e.g. my_meta_init to my_meta_init2).

    I played a bit with adding another add_meta_box and including the other custom2.php. I’ll mess around more later but I thought I would get your thoughts if possible on how to possibly reference one custom.php file and have the ability to add multiple meta boxes by including different files under my_meta_setup (or some other function).

  22. Kathy

    This works great! Thanks for sharing. I am trying to implement the conditions on the meta.php file. Do you have an idea what condition I’d use to limit the meta boxes to pages of a certain template?

    Normally I’d use if_is_pagetemplate(‘template.php’) but the admin page itself is not actually using the template in question. Maybe I need to pull the meta data in the template field and use that?

  23. Kathy

    Adding the condition to the my_meta_init function worked great. Thanks again!

    btw- have you seen this tut: http://www.deluxeblogtips.com/2010/05/howto-meta-box-wordpress.html

    your 2 tuts have helps immensely on this subject.

  24. Christopher B

    In the latest nightly build they have changed how cutom post types are registered which I am told will break current 3.0 versions.


    Could you do follow up code on how to make your code work with the updated version of 3.0? I’ll also try taking a stab on it on my own tonight.

  25. Christopher B

    Excellent, thanks. You da man. =)

  26. Louisa

    Thanks so much for a brilliant tutorial!!! I’ve followed it to the letter and got it all working… only the text fields in the admin area are only 170px wide and I can’t fathom out how to make them wider!!!!
    I’ve created the path…

    wp_enqueue_style('my_meta_css', wp-folder/theme folder . '/custom/meta.css');

    perhaps I’ve completely messed this up? I’ve tried alternative paths without success!


  27. Louisa

    Thanks for the super fast reply!!! I used the WPAlchemy_MetaBox code and it’s brilliant! Everything works perfectly! Thank you so much!

    Thanks again!!!

  28. Louisa

    Hello again!!!!! Sorry to ask another question!!!

    What’s the best way to add images using the WPAlchemy meta boxes?
    I’m adding this file path…

    to meta.php


    <input type="text" name="the_name(‘imageOne’); ?>” value=”the_value(‘imageOne’); ?>”/>
    Add the first image here

    and to my post_template.php


    I’m getting the image in my meta boxes which is fine but it’s a little difficult to delete!


  29. Louisa

    Oh, the above didn’t quite come out properly! Sorry! Hope this makes more sense!

    Included in single_template


    Included in meta.php

    Top Image

    <input type="text" name="the_name('imageOne'); ?>" value="the_value('imageOne'); ?>"/>
    Add image one here

    The image code added to the custom meta box

  30. Louisa

    Thanks Dimas!!!! I was doing something really really weird before which is why I mentioned the image being difficult to delete!!
    Adding sections of information into WordPress is now so much easier!
    Thanks again!

  31. Louisa

    Hello! It’s Louisa again! Sorry to pester AGAIN but I was wondering if it’s at all possible to have a wysiwug html/visual editor field right bang smack in the middle of the meta boxes rather than being perched on top of the page?

    For example… say I want list the meta boxes like so
    1. “add heading here” meta box
    2. “add introduction here” meta box
    3. “add image here” meta box
    4. THEN have the wysiwug html/visual editor field here.
    5 .”add another image here” meta box

    Hope you have a brilliant weekend!

  32. Louisa

    And it’s an absolutely brilliant article!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  33. Eduardo

    Hi mate,

    Congrats on the work! Let me ask you a question, is it possible to control where add_meta_box will fire?

    For example, I have a category called Events and another one called News, I have an events area created with magic fields and a plugin.

    I want a certain metabox to appear only on the Events (new and edit) posts.

    If you could clarify anything to me I will be very pleased.

    Thanks a lot Dimas

  34. Alex

    Great tutorial!
    I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to have a rich text editor on textareas inside the metabox. Maybe extending the built-in tinyMce that already appears on the default editor?

  35. Tyler

    Great tutorial! With the data being serialized in the database, is there anyway to delete a single value from the array? I tried using wordpress’ delete_post_meta function, but I’m officially stumped! thanks for any help/guidance!


  36. Vengeance Industries

    You need to add add_action('edit_post','my_meta_save'); to the my_meta_init function. That will save changes.

  37. Pete

    That’s EXACTLY what I’m after… thanks so much

  38. PSD to HTML

    This is just awesome! I created a custom post type but I also wanted to have specific information included and I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything that worked. Until your tutorial! Works perfectly! Thank you very much!

    One thing though I took out the wp_enque_style for the meta.css as it wasn’t working and just did a link to the style sheet in the meta.php file. Works like a charm.

    Also to Christopher B – A big thanks to you as well – u ran into some issues I was having i.e. defining the post type and after reading all your comments (lol) i got it to work. Nicely done.

  39. Noel Madali

    Hey Dimas,
    In what way is it possible to import meta data using CSV format?
    I took a look at the SQL backend and saw that it makes an array in the meta field and I am not sure of a plugin that could do something like that.

    I do recall a CSV importer but I dont believe it does meta data..

  40. Matt

    Where are these fields being saved? I don’t see them in the custom post meta, and I don’t see where to specify where it’s saved.

  41. Nicolas

    Hi, I use more and more your great function it’s helpfull.
    However I’ve a problem.
    In a custom template page I try make a custom query to order shop by zip code


    the query don’t work (query_posts(‘post_type=shops)), works.

    I hope you can help me!

  42. Nate

    Thank so much for this, Dimas. I was beating my head against the wall with Sitepoint’s article on this. You’ve made some drastic improvements here, and it’s working great for me!

  43. Dan

    Hi Dimas, i’ve been reading through your info on meta boxes and post types. I’m pretty stuck on a couple of things, any help would be great!

    1) I’ve added to custom post types to a site, they work fine. The problem is the meta boxes I add on the page then show up in all other pages (normal pages, not just the custom post type) once the page has been published. The show up as custom fields. There are now lots of them and I could really do with getting rid of them, can’t i just limit them to the page i want them to show on?

    2) This is related to your meta box stuff. Rather than make a custom post type for my home page, i’d like to make a completely bespoke layout in the admin area. When editing a page with my home.php template i’d like to style 4 boxes, the same as the look on the front-end. This makes it obvious which bit your editing and looks just like the page. I would also need tinyMCE to show up in each one i suppose, so the client could choose links/headings/etc. Ive followed your article on adding meta boxes, I managed to get one to show up on the home.php template but it didn’t look right, and all the other stuff like title, editor, revisions etc were still there. I have a feeling this might be because i need the remove_meta_box function or whatever it is. Any ideas at all how i go about achieving this custom back end?

    Sorry for the long post, but i’m pretty damn stuck πŸ™

    Thanks, Dan

  44. Andy

    Top notch tutorial! Does anyone know how to enable wpautop on the custom meta created in the above example?

  45. Jon

    Thanks for sharing. What is the license on this?

  46. 14ner

    Great tutorial, truly helpful.

    I had two quick questions:
    1. I would like to pull the Metabox title to display next to the data, how would I do that?
    2. One of my fields is an img url, how would I pull this onto the page?

    Thanks in advance,


  47. TheWebGuy

    This is a great tutorial, but you missed out the part about custom meta boxes in a plugin menu screen, for example a settings area. I have written a quick article to show also how simple that is!


  48. Karl

    You are a fkn legend. This helped me so much, and now i’ve converted it to do options pages etc as well.

  49. Aaron

    Thanks for this post, just found it on Google and it’s answered a few questions. Now on to the actual development!

  50. Chad Von Lind

    I have to second Andy’s question. Does anyone know the approach to adding the wpautop filter to the textarea meta boxes?

  51. manjunath sonju

    when i went through as per the tutorial it is success. But the main problem that occured to me is when i tried to change the custom menta field value it is not working. Do you have any idea i would be grateful to you.

  52. Andrea

    I’m trying to put a input file, but it doest work. Can you help me? Thanks

  53. Cippo

    Nice tutorial, it’s working great! Thanks!

    But I have a question for you. How can I use the WP_Query from here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/WP_Query#Custom_Field_Parameters

    I have 2 checkboxes in my template and I want to display the loop if a checkbox is checked.. but I don’t know how to use that in meta_query

    Can you help?

  54. Andrea

    Thank you Dimas πŸ˜‰

  55. Cippo

    In my rush, I didn’t see how simple it was … d’oh.

    The query part for meta looks like this:

                        'meta_query' => array(
                                'key' => '_my_meta',
                                'value' => 'addtosidebar',
                                'compare' => 'LIKE'

    and I was trying to make it ‘key’ => ‘_my_meta[addtosidebar’ and it didn’t want to work. Yes, I admin that I’m not a PRO at PHP πŸ™‚ .. yet.

    But THANKS for sharing the code, very helpful!

  56. Andrea

    I did not understand how to use the file type in the class, so i continued using your first article.
    i put this to test and does not return to me a value.


    $new_file_data = $_FILE[‘_my_meta’];

  57. Andrea

    forget, i’m a stupid πŸ™‚
    i forgot the S on $_FILES

  58. Matt Strange


    Really flexible custom meta box solution, thankyou πŸ™‚

    I’m trying to create a select box, any ideas how to incorporate this with your script?


  59. phoenix

    when add checkbox or radio button for example


    update post and add in single.php

    it’s ok but i=when return into admin area and try to change some value all field was reset.
    Why my choice in admin panel is not save?
    Sorry for my English

  60. Matt Strange


    Thanks for the wpalchemy link, just playing around with it now, must say i’m highly impressed.


  61. Max

    I just put this code after my thesis functions on the functions.php and all my thesis meta boxes disappeared and it just added this meta box… =/

  62. Paul

    Hi Dimas

    Would u be so kind to explain how the my_meta_clean() work ?
    It calls itself inside the loop ?

    i just want to understand how it works, rather than copy and use it.
    any level of explanation is much appreciated.

  63. Paul

    Hi Dimas

    Thanks a whole lot for the explanation and the link to revised code.
    ( really appreciate your help and generosity )

  64. fahim

    hi i am creating a wordpress theme can you please help ?
    the code is not working on the page of wordpress ,it work on the post ,
    the box are show on every post and pages but the values not show in my template ,(yes i use the above code in my template )i check the html they retun nothing but in the post they working well

  65. fahim

    there is nothing a new which i add in your code, i just download the code and put them according to instruction

    i grab the values on the both template page
    a blog template page (index.php) and the single.php a (a single blog post page),i set the index as a home page

    the problem is that when i put the values on the blog page ( a wordpress page not a post ) page not show them

    but when i put the values in the single post then both home page (index.php) and single post page(single.php) show them (both page and the post show the values)

    i dont want to use meta box in post , i want to use them in the pages

    for both page and post the $post->ID Work ?
    i dont know anything about them , In the wordpress both page and post meta data access by get_post_meta function, there is no difference ?

    Please Reply as soon as possible

  66. srinivas

    how to disable drag & drop feature for metabox?

  67. Craig

    Thanks for this, it’s fantastic and very easy to setup.

    I have one problem though, the meta data writes to the database okay, and displays on the site correctly, but when I go back into the Edit Page screen, the custom boxes are blank again.

    Any idea why that would be?

  68. Craig

    Hi, Scrap that!!!

    Just noticed I needed to change the meta names in the meta.php input boxes.

    All working now, fantastic article. Thank you!

  69. Ethan

    Hi, I hope Dimas or someone can assist with a problem I’m having. First let me describe what I’m up to: I am creating a custom post type for ‘portfolio’. Because the small thumbnails in the proposed portfolio galleries are not the same image as the one they will link to. I decided to use wpalchemy to create the custom meta boxes that would allow me to add two images at a time to a ‘portfolio’ post for the purpose of matching up the thumb with the larger image and then being able to drag and drop to reorder them.

    I have also employed scripts to be able to access the wp media loader for each of these custom fields, upload an image and put it’s URL into the custom field.

    Everything works, but one frustrating problem. Upon saving the post, the field sets duplicate so there are two of any recent additions when the edit page reloads… it is creating extra entries for a reason I can’t seem to track down…

    A symptom that may point to part of the problem. When you go to create a new ‘portfolio’ the regular media upload button shows that there are no attachments to the post. However, when the media uploader pops up in relation to filling in the custom fields, it remembers every image that has been uploaded to this custom post type, as if there were attached to the new post… not sure if this is related.

    In any case, there are three documents worth looking at (I posted on GIT hub: https://github.com/seahoss/shareCode), the three documents which contribute are: ‘functions.php’, ‘file-upload.js’, and ‘meta_portfolio_images.php’

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

  70. sachin

    Thanks its a fantastic help

  71. Alvaro

    Hello! Any example for showing a list posts from a custom post type with custom meta boxes?

  72. Dustin

    Thanks so much for this tutorial!

  73. Dennis A.

    I got an problem with the “function save_details(){
    global $post;
    update_post_meta($post->ID, “example”, $_POST[“example”]);”.

    Sometimes it just don’t save it, after I click “Update post”, it gone.

    Any ideia?

  74. Rs245

    Does the custom meta box appear for all posts and page dashboards in the admin? Can I have the meta box(es) appear in only certain type of pages?

  75. Alshe Dupur


    Thanks for a great tutorial. Everything is work for me. But there is one problem… how I add a select box in meta.php ? I add like:

    Current Status

    <option value="Pending">Pending
    <option value="In Process">In Process
    <option value="Shipped">Shipped
    <option value="Delivereds">Delivered

    Choose Status

    but its not work. Please tell me how I add select, radio & checkbox ?

    Thanks again.

  76. Victor Haglund

    Thank you very much for this tutorial, you have just saved med allot of time on a project Im working on.

    Wish you a great day and thank you again for your time and making your knowledge available to the rest of us.

    Best regards Victor

  77. Ian

    Awesome! You saved me research time so now I can work on modifying this to suit my needs. It’s working perfect for me and retrieving _my_meta in the template file. Just a little modification and parsing and this is perfect for adding meta key words to the head of any page template.

  78. Brian

    This is great.. I have one question.. how do I add the parts to my post within the loop..

    I tried something this but it didn’t work

  79. Christian Laugesen


    Thanks for a great insight to metaboxes!!
    However I would like to use the standard:

    ID,’metaA’,true) ) : ?>
    ID, ‘metaA’, true) ?>

    How does that work with your method?

    Kind regards

  80. Christian Laugesen

    And without coding ;o)

    if ( get_post_meta($post->ID,’dato1′,true) ) :
    echo get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘dato1’, true)

  81. Carina

    trying to get the output of one of my text areas to display as a list of links. here’s what i got but it isn’t working. please help. thanks!

    ID, ‘_presentation_title[“links”]’, true);
    $source = explode(“\n”, $source); ?>

    <? for($i = 0;$i
    <a href="”>

  82. Carina

    oh i’m guessing my code wasn’t displaying. here’s the link i got the code from and just replaced CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME with _presentation_title[“links”]

    but it’s still not outputting anything.

  83. Carina

    it took me forever to figure the code out above, it’ll take me forever x2 to figure wpalchemy lol i’ll try it out though. do you think i’ll be able to output a list of links like the link i showed you earlier?

  84. MJ

    where to use this comment ??
    i mean in which file ??

    $my_meta = get_post_meta($post->ID,’_my_meta’,TRUE);
    echo $my_meta[‘name’];
    echo $my_meta[‘description’];

  85. Katie Okolita

    Wonderful tutorial. Worked perfect for me.

  86. Ashok


    Everything is work for me.Thanks for a great tutorial.

  87. Michel


    This is awsome. It works like a charm.
    So I’m using it!

    However I would like to extend the fields listed in the meta box. I do this in the mets.php file. Every field I create works however I come across one thing that I can’t seem to get working.

    I want to add an upload-file field so the user (CMS-end not front-end) can upload a image.
    I created the field and I can select the file I would like to upload. Now I need a button that sais “Upload”. The problem is not how to create the button but the problem is how to upload the file.

    Maybe this has nothing to do with your script and it should be done with some PHP, but I hoped you have a solution for me!

    Thnx in advance.
    Oh and did I mention that your tutorial is Awsome!


  88. hookedonweb

    When I update a page the metabox data is not saved.

    I made a few basic changes that I assume should not affect the ability to save.

    Instead of running this as part of a theme I added it to a plugin, so the changes I made are: I include the main.php file from may plugin, I changed the path from the theme dir to the plugin dir.

    I metabox shows up, the css is applied, it works like normal but I can not save the metabox data.

    I am on wordpress 3.4.2

  89. bhadresh Ganjawala

    for this document of the wp meta box
    this is work grate

  90. John

    For adding the files through wordpress meta box. See full tutorial at: http://wordpressapi.com/2010/11/22/file-upload-with-add_meta_box-or-custom_post_type-in-wordpress/

  91. Vinoth Kumar

    Looks good, but adding combobox is quite difficult, Hope this article may helpful for adding combo box in meta boxes area. http://buffercode.com/simple-technique-add-custom-meta-box-wordpress-admin-dashboard/