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  1. erink

    Not sure if this question has been brought up, but is there a way to link from an outside page to a page including the peekaboo code and have an item displayed open (onshow)?

  2. irfan

    How to use Google Docs Embed With Peekaboo

    [gview file="http://www.free-bucket.com/imranseries/Ibn-e-Saffi/001%20Khofnak%20Imarat.pdf"]

    PLease Help me for this issue


  3. irfan

    please tell how can i use Peekaboo with google doc embeder

    [gview file="http://www.free-bucket.com/imranseries/Ibn-e-Saffi/001%20Khofnak%20Imarat.pdf"]
    Please help me about this problem

  4. DW

    I’m trying to use this plugin to display varied content on a page. I want to display one div or section of a page upon a navigation link click. I want to mimmic a new page, but with the same header and a slider that remains constant. I’ve got the following code to work on my site as a test (see code below). I have “collapse all other content…” set to “yes” so only one div or section displays at a time.

    What I’d like to do is somehow hook this functionality up with my navigation on another part of the page so when one uses the navigation links it changes the content of the page. Ideally, I’d like to use images for that navigation.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    [peekaboo name="top" onhide="link to top" start="visible"]
    [peekaboo_content name="top" start="visible"]
    content of top section

    [peekaboo name="middle" onhide="link to middle" start="hidden"]
    [peekaboo_content name="middle"]
    content of middle section

    [peekaboo name="bottom" onhide="link to bottom" start="hidden"]
    [peekaboo_content name="bottom"]
    content of bottom section

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