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  1. John

    Everything is working great except one thing-it’s not saving my data. I have this metabox in a custom post type with the support of the editor when defining the post type; so now adding the wp-editor through alchemy, I’m assume its not working because the post type wasn’t set to support the editor?

    I maybe wrong, but this is just a hunch.

    BTW, I just started using WPAlchemy-its so useful!

  2. Stan

    I was preparing to roll up my sleeves and fry my eyes writing something myself — when I found WPAlchemy. Thank you, thank you! This is exceptionally useful – and enables me to set up WP as a truly useful CMS for almost any content-focused site.

    I feel genuinely obligated to contribute (and happily will) for this solution you’ve graciously coded and shared — and I hope others will do so as well.

    Please drop me a note if you do custom WP/PHP work for hire! Solutions are common; elegant solutions are not!

  3. Kathy

    @stan – I updated and built a generic WP theme ( a child of twenty eleven) that uses multiple, repeating, sortable WYSIWYG boxes. It needed a bit more jquery than is posted above, but it totally built on the wonder work of Dimas’ WP Alchemy.

  4. Kathy
  5. Travis

    Thank for this tutorial. It has helped me tremendously! I have one question, how do you upload and insert images this way? I can’t figure out how to add the media uploader.


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