11 responses to “Top SVG Javascript Libraries Worth Looking At”

  1. JavascriptBank.com

    very cool & good list, thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Mike T.

    Great list – thanks for putting this together! I have an SVG project coming up, and I will definetly be using this stuff.

  3. Art

    Hi. What of them the best for a web-browser-game?

  4. Maciej

    I’m working on another library: svgc. Still needs some updates and more documentation is coming soon.

  5. Michael

    Thank you for this useful compilation.

  6. Chris

    Some of the libraries of the list use Canvas and not SVG (Processing.js, ExplorerCanvas). And you also mix low-level javascript/SVG libraries (Raphael, Dojo.GFX, Jquery.SVG) with high-level plotting and UI libraries (PlotKit, Pergola) and also with javascript extension for better HTML5 support (SVGWeb, ExplorerCanvas). Since this list is very old, I want to add a new SVG library that is getting a lot of attention recently: D3.js.

  7. trolleur


  8. Sebastián Gurin

    Nice list

    I’m the autor of http://code.google.com/p/raphael4gwt/ – a complete, zero-overhead raphaeljs Java API for GWT

    FOR GAMES – you really need to evaluate if canvas is not better for you (game develper). vector graphics liks all of these libs, are more like HTML and canvas is more like a bitmap.

  9. jean

    You should have a look to Paper.js (http://paperjs.org/) which came from Scriptographer (http://scriptographer.org/).
    Thanks for your work.

  10. Dimitar Ivanov

    Nice list, thanks! Another great SVG micro-lib is ZinoSVG.
    See http://zinoui.com/demos/svg