6 responses to “Thesis Theme Exposed”

  1. Jeremy Blake

    “The worst part is when you’ve done a little bit of custom work and then decide to change themes for a different “look and feel”. WordPress changes the current theme to the new theme directory and you basically have to customize all over again, or reference your previous theme and track down all your custom work.”

    – This is my favorite thing about having Thesis! You don’t have to worry about having to make all of your custom edits to the core code.

    Now if only somebody could design a Magento theme that would accomplish what Thesis does, we’d be set.

  2. Lane

    I was on the fence with Theme Frameworks for clients. It’s a fine balance between not enough options, and too many options. I’ve worked with Thesis, and stripped it down to some essentials. Nice blog!

  3. Lane

    No Doubt. There are so many great features embedded in it. I just stripped out a few of the superfluous ones. Everyone has a different approach to it, but I try to give clients as little chance of messing up the design as possible. I go so far as to turn off half of WP’s admin settings. I liked your post on your meta boxes. I used some of your css from your example! WP3 is going to make it so easy to put meta boxes throughout post types.

  4. Lane

    You should check out the Woo THemes navigation: http://www.woothemes.com/2010/01/the-awesome-custom-woo-navigation/

    They crushed it.

    Best part is, WordPress 3.0 is going to include it in the core or as a plugin if they don’t finish it in time.


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