14 responses to “Apache and PHP Error… Faulting module name: php5ts.dll”

  1. icehan

    Thank you very much.
    I solved the problem.

  2. Dave

    I’ve been puzzling over this for a day or so. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Jennifer

    Wow, thanks! Fixed it!

  4. Pitrsonek

    Hi i had this some problem, when i installed Microsoft Web Platform after my Apache with PHP dont go. Now i all fix how you write, but i have problem all schripts are load very slow, before it was good.

    Scripts end with Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded, before it was ok.


  5. Radu

    Thanks, I had problems on a win 2008 server , the solution to comment extension was not good for me, the fix was intalling the right php version
    http://windows.php.net/download/ VC6 worked excellent.

    Thanks again

  6. Beren Erchamion

    Thanks for the pointer! I found that VC9 and VC6 generated errors. The key was to not enable extensions for PostGres and Oracle if you don’t have them installed.

  7. Robert

    Thanks Beren, I removed PostGres (Oracle seems to be default off) in the PHP VC9 installation and my apache server works again!

    Why does the above information say that VC9 is for IIS though?

  8. Mark

    The problem is that your php directory is probably not on the path for Apache, so php5ts.dll cannot find the ntwdblib.dll on the path. Make sure to put your php directory on the SYSTEM path. You have to reboot the machine so that services get the new settings.

  9. Tommy Grealy

    Hi, none of the fixes (including the one above) that I found online worked. In the end, after uninstalling/re-installing apache and php multiple times and checking all that is mentioned above as well as on every other forum about this, I downloaded a zipped version of php (instead of running the msi installer). I downloaded the zip file from somewhere on the apache.org site but I cant find it now. Hope this helps people!

  10. Sagar

    One of the Reasons can be…
    The extension_dir parameter in php.ini is not set.So this error pops up as the system cant find the DLL or supporting libraries.

  11. P lok

    Is it some kind of joke??
    It is WAMP, windows, apache, php NOT windows, iis, apache!
    Why is it the developer include a VC9 php in the package???

  12. George

    After fruitlessly trying virtually _everything_ I’ve googled on “windows php slow”, disabling MSSQL and some other unnecessary extensions in the php.ini finally helped! Thanks a bunch!

  13. Sterling

    Thanks! I’ve been trying to install Drupal to play around with it and updated XAMPP and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Commenting out all of the MSSQL bits in php.ini fixed it. 🙂

  14. Paul Reid

    I ran into this while upgrading Apache from 2.2 to 2.4, which required me to update my PHP.

    In the process, I had Apache remove and re-add my service entry (so the service name changed from apache2.2 to apache2.4). After I did that, this error started popping up, but only when Apache was run as a service – it worked fine if I launched Apache from the command line.

    I decided it was a permissions problem, since services don’t get full permissions by default. I went and changed the logon account for the Apache2.4 service to log in as Administrator, and poof – problem solved.

    I don’t recommend you leave the service set to run as Administrator, but that is the quick fix. Ultimately, you’d want to nail down where the permissions problem is and sort it out at the root cause, so you can run the service under the less-privileged account for security reasons.

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