10 responses to “How to Setup a Hosted SVN Server on the Cheap”

  1. Emran Hasan

    Nice post. However, I’d suggest using SVNManager (http://svnmanager.org) which is based on PHP and after the initial configuration, lets you manage everything on the GUI. Cheers!

  2. Joshua Martinez

    So it’s been a couple of months now, hows it working out? Any other additions to the features on your server other than just SVN, or are you still doing it all command line? I am on the verge of doing this exact same thing myself.

  3. Joshua Martinez

    I already use RackSpace Cloud Sites for my webhosting. However I would have to install a webserver for any type of GUI on an SVN box, you have me intrigued with LEMP I have always just used LAMP. I will have to read your post.

  4. Ajaj Khan

    i am configure SVN Server on RHEL 5 .When i am project team share the project containt is not save on SVN Server.Please help me

  5. CakePlease

    Hey, thanks for this tutorial. Im giving it a run now, but ran into a quick snag…

    After typing “svnadmin create /repo/myrepo” i get this error:

    svnadmin: Repository creation failed
    svnadmin: Could not create top-level directory
    svnadmin: Can’t create directory ‘/repo/myrepo’: No such file or directory

    Any ideas how i can fix this to proceed to the next step? Thanks!

  6. CakePlease

    Thanks Dimas. Im not linux guru…but worked. All the other steps worked as well.

    However when i do a checkout via tortoise, i get a error: Malformed network data… bleh.

    I have one suggestion to add to your article, or possible a new one. Maybe you can show how to tie the server IP to some DNS? So like:
    would function as:


  7. Ravis

    Great post, worked like a charm, thank you for writing it up!

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