15 responses to “CodeIgniter Form Validation — Conditional Required Field”

  1. David

    heya! thanks for this. worked like a charm.

  2. Nextra

    Good tip, works great. Thanks.

  3. Tahsin Hasan


    see the codeigniter validation library on tahsin’s garage

  4. John

    I’ve encountered a problem while trying to confirm a password as you did above: When there’s a mismatch between password and confirm, it says “The Password field does not match the password_confirm field”, instead of “The Password field does not match the password confirmation field”.

  5. Rik Davis

    I thought I would post this here. Perhaps others might find it useful. I developed this form validation library as an attempt to try to somewhat replicate Perl’s DataFormValidator module.

    Code Igniter Form Validate
    Please leave comments on the Github page rather then here.

  6. Sidou

    Good stuff man!
    Thanks a lot for the trick 🙂

  7. naspard

    very big thank’s bro
    it’s very usefull


  8. raj

    nice and useful

  9. Vaibhav

    this is cool tip bro

  10. Lord Byron

    Ooh! Very nice…
    I was trying this in my ‘MY_Form_Validation’ class, for hours, without luck.
    This is so good! Soooo easy!
    Thank you! Thank you!

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  12. Razibul Hasan

    I am a codeigniter developer. Now i am doing a new security option. This post is really too strong.

  13. Diploma Study

    Our organization use this rules. Now it’s more safety & strong login system.

  14. Saurabh Kumar Singh