WordPress Sidekick Plugin

Sidekick WordPress Plugin

Want the quick jist about what Sidekick is, well let me tell ya:

Sidekick is your lightsaber when battling administrative tasks in WordPress. It enhances the admin interface, making certain tasks simply less painful. Sidekick includes the following enhancements:

Post, Pages and Custom Post Types

  • Expand/Collapse child pages (with child page counts)
  • Starring your most edited pages

  • Last modified column (with sort) to quickly find your last edited pages
  • Optional ID column to quickly see post/page IDs
  • Quick find targeting search (when your looking for that FAQ page in a list of a 100 pages)

Nav Menus

  • Expand/Collapse menu items (with child counts)


  • Site Visibility warning message (helps you to not forget to enable search engine visibility on your live sites)
  • i18n language support
  • Clean uninstall

Lifetime Updates

This plugin has it own update system and you will receive lifetime automatic updates.

How Can I Get It

Get it instantly by pledging your support today!


What some are saying about Sidekick…



  • Fixed undefined variable issue using WP_DEBUG
  • Fixed issues with external updates (viewing plugin info)


  • Renamed plugin to avoid collisions with the wordpress plugin repository


  • fixed issue with auto updater interfering with wordpress repository plugin of the same name (unfortunately some users will require a reinstall of the plugin)


  • minor bug fix, custom post type posts were hidden in some cases (in the admin UI)


  • added expand/collapse functionality to nav menus section


  • added expand/collapse all icon links
  • added site visibility notice with ignore button (helps you to not forget to enable search engine visibility on your live sites)



  • fixed error, added array check


  • fixed starring and show/hide ajax update issue


  • added support for custom post types
  • added starring, quick find, id/modified columns to post types
  • quick find searches title, id, and author (fuzzy search)
  • added id column
  • id column is hidden by default (prevents clutter)
  • added i18n support en_US
  • added es_ES language support
  • fixed starred item count would not reduce when item was trashed
  • fixed after trashed item, undo would not return starred item
  • fixed star display issue with really long titles


  • using views/filter hook
  • other minor improvements


  • admin menu no longer is auto fixed
  • WordPress 3.2 adjustments


  • Birthday

56 responses to “WordPress Sidekick Plugin”

  1. Michelle

    Never mind – it’s just not showing the update notification on my localhost version of my site. When I push it up to a live site I see the upgrade notification. Thanks! Michelle

  2. stephan

    Hi Dimas, the previous issue with custom post types (admin UI) appears to be affecting the “feedback” section for Grunion Contact Form plug-in. Not sure if it affects the plug-in bundled with Jetpack.

  3. Amaury

    This plugin there a bugtracker? I met several bugs and I never got an answer by email?

    Is there support?

  4. Shelomo Dobkin

    How can i get the latest version?

  5. Katie

    I am new to all of this but I have to say that I love the Sidekick logo dog.

  6. SuperS

    Can I use it on unlimited wp installs? Or do I need to pay per install?


    Can you disable automatic updating of the plugin? I’m a but concerned about apps/scripts/plugins automatically doing things they think they should when infact the user/owner should decide if it can check for updates and update itself etc.


  7. chris mccoy

    is 0.6.1 the latest?

  8. SuperS

    So, if I use it for client wp installs, I need to pay for each client website it is used on?


  9. frances

    Hi Dimas,

    I just got an update notice for SideKick to v0.78, which when installed links to wpuniversity.com. What’s going on?

  10. Michelle

    Hi again, looks like WPUniversity came out with another version and I’m getting “update to 1.1″ notices for Sidekick. I have 0.600 installed and it was doing okay up until this latest update. I’ve tried refreshing a ton but it’s not helping. Ideas? thanks!

  11. Jon Täng


    In the new version 0.7 there is an error.

    /sidekick-by-wpalchemy/presshub_updater.php on line 43

    Keep up the good work! :)

  12. Stephan

    I came here to say exactly what Michelle has.

    I have v0.6.1.

  13. Michelle

    Got it, thanks Dimas!

  14. Stephan

    Found it! Thanks, Dimas!

  15. Luca

    Lots of errors with last v0.7

  16. Luca

    Ok it’s strange because before re-activating it I hade 3 more errors. I don’t remember exactly what they where. One of them I remember it complained it “could not connect with wordpress.org”

    Anyway, now, in every admin view, I’ve got this:

    Notice: Undefined variable: url in [...]/wp-content/plugins/sidekick-by-wpalchemy/presshub_updater.php on line 43


    I’m using v0.7 on WP 3.8.1 – clean install

  17. Michelle

    I’m getting the same error as Luca.

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