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  1. plug

    I needed a scroller for an autogenerated table, and after much fruitless searching for a simple *and* working jQuery table scroller… this one looks like it could be the one :)

    I’m on a mac. Just having a quick look on a few browsers now:

    FF 3.6.3 – perfect
    Opera 10.0 – perfect
    Safari 4.0.3 – showing a horizontal scrollbar but otherwise perfect. I’m sure some css will sort knock some sense into that.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about checking it on IEx tomorrow :) containerClass is a useful detail too. keep up the good work!

  2. phil

    Scrollbars appear, but they don’t constrain the height. The height of the tablescroll_wrapper is set to auto, so no matter what the table’s size is never constrained to the size I set with tableScroll({height:#}); I’m using Safari. I have the table inside another div with a height and max-height set, but the table still expands past this height.

    any ideas?

  3. ian

    hi ..
    after i play arround with this plugin i find it is cool and very neat ..

    but I encounter a problem, when the table height is not long enough for the scroll height, the layout seem like running out ..

    do you have any solution on this ?

  4. ian

    thx dimas for you quick fixed. it works !!

    really appreciate it…

  5. kingjesse2

    All I can say is thank God for you and your plugin. I’ve been trying to get IE8 to allow me to scroll the body of a table but it doesn’t seem to like any height restrictions on table body length. This plugin helped me soo much-I wish I wouldn’t have spent the past 6 hours trying to figure out how to do this….

  6. ian

    omg .. i find the plugin cound’t work in IE7.

    Do you have any idea how to make it work ?

  7. ian


    now it work back? i wonder whether is my IE issue or not.

    I’m using the IETester to test whether it work. it some how the past few hour didn’t work .. now I close all and open it back .. it seem work.

    i need to do a few more test .. btw, do you have any recommend tool to test in IE7 ?

  8. ian

    dear dimas,

    ok .. i also have a virtualbox (plugable version) recently, haven’t install with the troublesome browsers yet.

    now i think i found what is the problem that cause in my application,
    i use the following at the end of the code
    $(‘#mytable’).tableScroll({ height: 200 });

    where I suppose to use
    $(document).ready(function() { $(‘#mytable’).tableScroll({ height: 200 }); });

    but it work fine for me to use the previous method in IE6 and IE8 without problem.

    i also wanna use your plugin together with the tablesorter.com, i think the combination will be the perfect solution :)

    anyway .. will do more testing and report you if got any problem .. thanks a lot for your quick response and help ..

  9. hunt


    This plug-in don’t work when i am trying to add column dynamically, it works only for static tables

  10. Akio Hamasaki

    Works like a charm! Thanks a ton

  11. Gee

    Hi Dimas

    Thanks for you solution which works really well. I would be greatful if you could show me how to modify the plugin so that the header and first row as well as the first column can be frozen?

    Many Thanks

  12. Gee

    Thanks for your quick reply which is much appreciated. Annoyingly its the locking of the first column that we are really keen to get working as we work with large tables. I was thinking along the lines of selecting the first column using JQuery from the original table then passing it to the plugin. Even a quick hack will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks again

  13. Ken

    Hi Dimas,

    I very much like the plugin. So far it is serving my needs well. I have one question. I have a need to support window re-sizing etc. The plugin is great however when I my browser size increases/decreases the scrollable table does not adjust. I’ve made a few attempts to rectify this but have not arrived a ta solution yet. Do you have any ideas suggestions on what object or objects that I need to adjust the table size dynamically or perhaps a different/better solution?

    I’d appreciate any help you can offer.


  14. jon

    one problem is when setting the width of a table to 100% when the scrollbar is added to the right, thus enlarging the width of the full table and i have to scroll the window to the right to see the whole scrollbar. i need some solution to keep the table width with the scrollbar the same as the table without scrollbar.

  15. jon

    Another question is how to make this work on IE with jQuery v1.3.1? I’ve tested it on IE7 and the table shows both scrollbars (vertical, horizontal).

  16. Girma

    Hi Dimas,

    This solution is just what we are after altough we also have a requirement to be able to freeze the first column akin Excel as per Gee’s and now considering other third party datagrids. The only snag I came across from this solution is that the header columns didn’t appear to be inline with the datagrid. Any advice suggestion from anyone would be greatly appreciated.



  17. Luca


    thanks for the great job. I got a problem with a window’s resize. The table is contained in a div with height 100% and when I resize the window, the window’s column don’t follow the scaling. Any ideas?

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