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  1. jitendra sherchan

    Please check in IE when there is only one row in the table… scroller gets messed up….

  2. Amar Kapadia

    Awesome plugin, but I have the same problem – when there is only one row in IE or Chrome, the table properties don’t show and the scroller is messed up. Any suggestions?

  3. Packer

    Has anyone tried altering this plugin to fix the column alignment issues in Internet Explorer?
    I was thinking of spending some time on it but don’t want to waste my time if it’s not fixable.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  4. James

    Very nice, however doesn’t work with colspans in the Header (Multi-row header leading with some colspans)

  5. JAAN

    Hi, this plug-in is great, but it hides the tableĀ“s border, how can i solve this (i think) issue.


  6. FS

    We have implemented on gridview in asp.net. All looks good except for paging within footer. Paging functionality works but, page numbers are unequally spaced across footer and we can’t seem to control them with the style. Any suggestions

  7. Karl

    There is an issue when the table does not have enough rows in it to force a scroll. Then it does not work.

  8. Travis

    Does anyone know if this works on ipad?


  9. Travis

    Sorry, more specifically, i am trying to use the ‘-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch’ property and it does not seem to be working(it scrolls but not the way this property should)

    Thanks again!

  10. Mike

    In IE8:
    Radio buttons within tags do not display as checked. They are clickable, but there is a jQuery[some #]=”13″ attribute on the input element that seems to break. Do you have any idea why this is or how to fix it?


  11. Vishnu

    Give this text in the first column of first row of table body – ‘Its a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge text’ and let me know if the table is aligned properly

  12. Jacob

    Hi Dimas,

    Great Work!!!
    One question, in my implementation, the table is dynamically created based on user’s input.
    Is it possible to use your library in my case?
    If so, could you give me a tip?

  13. Rohan

    Would it be possible to use this for horizontal scrolling as well ?

  14. jurlala

    not working in colspans

  15. KLM

    This is broken in query-1.9.

  16. Janke

    when I reapplie the function, he resize well the body table, but don’t resize the header.
    Tested on IE6, IE9, FF.

  17. kvibbertj

    Looking for some help. I’ve implemented this on a few dynamic ColdFusion tables that don’t always have content in the first row of all columns, and the plugin appears to set the width based on just the first row. How do I get it to check additional rows if there is no content in the first row for any given column? Or, at the very least, match the body row to the header row. Right now, the alignment is off between the header and the body in instances where there is a label in the header cell but no content in the first row of that column.

  18. Gary

    alignment issues. I created a workaround.
    1) keep the header in a separate div
    2) After forming the table use jquery to get each td width in a row then use jquery to set the cell widths in the header and also check if there is a zero width TD in which case figure what your min width can be.
    I did this by assigning a class to each TD
    Also for the one roll scrollbar issue just return your records and below X records dont call tablescroll

  19. texas-bronius

    I’m not great at including things in jsfiddle, but this does the trick if you want to just dive in and get started:
    This is, effectively, the shipped demo.html with one change to help me confirm that yes this jQuery table scroll plugin does play nicely with multiple tables and picking which one(s) to scrollify. Rock on – thanks for sharing!

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