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    Hi all,

    I’m really hoping someone has the same issue as described below – we’ve been battling with this one for a few weeks now and have tried everything. Knowing our luck it’s something simple :)

    On a couple of websites we have a few custom post types which have multiple metaboxes that are wrapped with the wp_editor, example of the code:


    <div class=”wp_editor”>

    <label for=”<?php $mb->the_name(); ?>”>Visitor Info:</label>


    $content = html_entity_decode($metabox->get_the_value(‘visitor-info’), ENT_QUOTES, ‘UTF-8′);

    $id = $metabox->get_the_name(‘visitor-info’);

    $settings = array(

    ‘textarea_rows’ => ’10′,

    ‘media_buttons’ => ‘false’,

    ‘tinymce’ => true,

    ‘quicktags’ => true



    wp_editor( $content, $id, $settings );





    This works perfectly fine on it’s own but as soon as you have multiple wp_editor()’s we experience the following (in Text mode only):


    1. After highlighting text I want to make into an anchor

    2. Pressing the ‘link’ button opens the dialogue as¬†usual

    3. After entering the URL, I press ‘Add link’ and nothing happens.


    If I close the dialogue box I get the following error in console:

    “TypeError: wpLink.textarea is undefined”


    If I click the ‘link’ button again the dialogue does not appear but the¬†lightbox overlay covers the screen.

    We have had this issue with the new version of WordPress 3.8.0 and now 3.8.1 – my client says it has affected other parts of the wp_editor too.


    Thanks in advanced,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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