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    So i’m building a slider. I’m using the repeatable groups function to add new slides. Works perfectly… But I want to have a repeatable group inside that so I can add multiple lines of benefits to a list. Is this possible?



    Currently inner repeating fields isn’t directly supported. The javascript behind the repeating field functionality is pretty sound, and would work with multi-level inner repeating fields … I’ve got an early prototype which is going to be integrated into WPAlchemy, but its been collecting dust for a while, I’ll see if I can dig it up …



    Awesome! Just started using WPAlchemy a couple of days ago and wow… it’s just great. Wouldn’t be possible for me with my limited programming skills to achieve this kind of stuff without it. :)

    Do you have an ETA on when that functionality will be implemented in a stable release?



    I would dearly love to get my hands on this also. Any chance of trying the early prototype?



    I suppose so, it might help shape and test it, I personally haven’t ran into a situation where I needed it, and wpalchemy was really born out of my need for easy meta box creation. I’ll make a note to clean it up a bit and do a dev release.



    hi dimas, just wondering if you ever released this? i’d still like to try this out.



    +1 for this feature! Was testing this to see if I could get it to work today. If you have a dev branch for this feature I would be glad to fork and see if I can help!

    Love the product and the great support!




    I gotta bump this, I’m using WPAlchemy to run a massive portion of a new site and this would literally be the icing on the cake. Everything else I need (esp. ‘save_action’) is provided and working well. Dimas rules!

    WPAlchemy is unreal, great job. And so easy to use. If you have time for this I’d love to take a look at any code you might have built for repeaters within repeaters.

    After I wrap this project up, I’d love to share some code I built to handle Geocoding raw addresses and storing Lat/Long pairs for use in a front-end “distance” search filter. I didn’t even know I could do it, but via save_action it was practically cake.

    Thanks for your hard work, Dimas. Much obliged.



    Hi, another +1 for this feature.

    I’m developing a theme with many customized fields and the wpalchemy_metabox class is very powerful and versatil. I’ve integrated in the class some useful features like the chosen plugin for select over custom taxonomies and the jquery tabs for a better ui layout, I’ve also extended the class by adding a gallery field that support the drag’n’drop plupload inside the metabox and also show the thumbnails of uloaded images.

    The theme have some ecommerce features and I need to let the users to add some price variations with custom options and custom values variations for the products, for example:

    – color: [red,+ 10€], [green,+15€], [blue,+20€]
    – size: [S,+1€],[M,+2€],[L,+3€]
    – others..

    So I need a repeatable group for option (color,size) and a nested group for the possible values with two fields the label and the variation value. A note: both option name and value label are taken from a hierarchical custom taxonomy to avoid typing errors and to use these values as filters.

    Sorry for my english :)



    Thanks for WPAlchemy Dimas!

    I’m trying it and loving it. I just run into the same situation where I want to provide an easy interface for the user to upload different items to the history of different years. So I’d have a group: “Year” and a subgroup “Items”. Tried using the logic used for a single group but didn’t work (the page kept on thinking and thinking) for groups within groups.

    Any chance you’d have a look at this possibilities?

    Thanks again!




    Another +1 for this. @dimas – any chance of getting an beta snippet of this functionality?



    We modified WP Alchemy to support this, it also supports repeatable WP TinyMCE Editor. But it is in integrated the form of a bigger framework, if anyone interested please check this out:

    I haven’t confirm it again, but if I remember correctly, you can only use the alchemy class:

    And it should works like WP Alchemy and supports nested repeatable group :)



    Thanks Ayublin.

    If I only use the modified MetaBox.php,

    is it OK to just nest the have_fields_and_multi() statements in the metabox options?

    +1 for supporting nested repeatables in wpalchemy, it seems often clients want to enter lists of lists.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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