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    I use WPAlchemy in a responsive theme framework I’m developing. I was in the process of cleaning it up for release when I realized that MediaAccess.php used eval(), which is frowned upon. I created an alternative to the WPAlchemy_MediaAccess class that takes advantage of the new media manager. I’m quite pleased with the results, and thought I’d share with anyone else who is interested.

    The solution includes a few php functions, and a short jQuery script. The script could also be printed in the footer, but I prefer to enqueue scripts conditionally.

    First, the PHP.

    Place these functions somewhere before you define your metaboxes.

    If your metabox will use a media button, enqueue the script using ‘init_action’ => ‘media_upload’ when defining the metabox.

    To instantiate a media button in your metabox, use the function  wpa_media_button() before or after the corresponding text input. Both the button and input must be wrapped in a container element such as a <p> or <div>.

    The function takes 4 parameters:

    -text you want in the button in your metabox
    -title of the media manager window that will pop up
    -text you want in the media manger ‘insert media’ button
    -type of files you want to allow in the media manager for this field – possible types are image, video, audio, or application (pdfs). Leave blank for all media types.

    Somewhere in your meta.css, you should style the button targeting the .upload-button class. (oops, I meant to change that to .media-button.)

    Now for the JS.

    Short and sweet. I had a heck of a time coming up with this script, as the documentation for the new media manager is sparse. I found quite a few examples on the web for integrating an insert media button into your plugin etc, but all were much more complicated and flawed under certain circumstances. I am new to backbone.js, so there might be some flaws to my  approach, but I was unable to break it or produce any errors in my testing.

    Let me know if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this approach, or if you find a bug.

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    Really, I never thought that is crazy simple as this,, if I could only tried and found this one initially, perhaps the tutorials helped me. But with the similar issues I have, I decided to get design service experts from who’ve resolved my problem. Maybe next time..

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