How to force WPAlchemy to save fields not pressing "publish" or "update" ?

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    Hello everyone.. I have a small problem:

    I’m making user registration using your plugin to crate new custom post types and store there the user data as meta box..

    So the problem is next:

    when i complete the registration field values of registration saves in database with the same name as the should in “‘mode’ => WPALCHEMY_MODE_EXTRACT,” each field separetly..

    and when the’r saved i go to new post (new post is creating befor entering key=>value in database).

    So, the problem is that when i go to admin and i’m in the post – the values are not filed in.. i finded out that in “_{id}_fields” meta key they are not stored..

    if i update value from admin then there are values that i entered in admin.. and it gets no values from databes befor i enter some value at all..

    could you help me, may be ther’s some way to get values (to fill them into custom post type) from database befor entering values in admin ??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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